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Window, October, Reflections


I was walking across the Market Square in Coldstream and saw something strange.  I couldn’t understand why I had never seen this object before, as it looked like a pub sign or a painting on the side of this house which I must have passed hundreds of times before – however, when I shifted my viewpoint I saw that it was just an ordinary window.  I took these four photographs of the window and put them together, as I think they look like a sophisticated abstract painting, and they are just reflections.  I like the colours! I have been thinking about colour today, because I have decided that in the rough of the story I am creating the illustrations are wrong tonally, they don’t have the feeling that I want.  I bought a book some time ago of photographs of gardens by night, and looking at this has given me new ideas for the story. Maybe I was feeling more alert visually because of this and these reflections caught my eye. If I was doing a painting  I would take out quite a lot of the window frame, but it isn’t a painting so I’ll leave it a tad haphazard as it is.

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