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Rain II


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Rain I


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Harvested Field

august field

Last year this field was set with barley, this year with wheat.  Before it was harvested, round the edge of the wheat were a few stalks of barley, left over from last year’s crop. After a long hot summer the days now are cooler, with flashes of heavy rain.  Almost all the fields have now been cropped, except for some of the barley. Along the edge of a barley field I came across a man gathering blackberries, he eulogised apple and blackberry pie (d’accord, monsieur). The year is on the wane. If I wasn’t out taking photographs, maybe  would probably be lost in my own thoughts, instead of looking outwards at the fields of the Borders. The fireweed is beginning to fray. The skies are banked with clouds. There are red berries in the hedges. The Scottish children are back at school.



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Windy Sky

Wind in Trees

The winds that hit North Wales at 108mph and knocked over walkers in Manchester streets, hit the Borders yesterday, somewhat reduced in ferocity, but still strong enough to prevent me being able to walk by the river on open ground.  I took off my possum hat and put it in my pocket, because it came from New Zealand and I am fond of it and didn’t want it blowing into the Tweed.  Instead of walking my usual path, I turned back. Warily watching the trees and listening for creaking, I took a short route home.  Little birds were being blown hither and thither, and even blackbirds were being blown sideways by the wind.  Little bursts of leaves whirled up from the ground like larks do Victorian novels and still do on Alderney,  but then fell back. At the same time the landscape remained calm, though clouds were being blown fast against the blue.  The word “scudding” came to mind.



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November: Window, Weathervane, Washing


The garden seen through the glass in the studio door, I am back working on The Midnight Hare and trying to decide how to use the materials that fill up the two cupboards that are like a bustle on the back of the octagonal building.  Sit in there, watching the sparrows feeding; not hearing the washing cracking in the wind, as there is no wind today, only a sharp edge of cold, so all the towels will still be soaking when they are taken down. Last week I redid the whole rough, 32-pages, and now there is no excuse not to start working on the detailed rough-to-size, and some couple or so of finished pictures. But I am led astray by the camera sitting on the table, and thus peer out through the door window, enjoying the way the almost monochrome world is twisted and twirled on the other side of the glass.

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October Puddle

October puddle

Out walking, negotiating the mud (it has been raining non-stop for hour, only stopping briefly this afternoon) I ignored the state of my boots for a moment and looked into the reflection of the murky water, and thought that even puddles can look pretty at times.

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Silver Birch in the Wind


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Windows in Old Houses

old windows 1

The Oval Window

The oval window looks out right along the garden, which is only just beginning to flourish, in this cold Spring that has lasted deep into April.  Snow is forecast for June.  In the meantime, from the outside the oval window shines blue with reflected sky.

old windows 19

The Oval Window from the Terrace

New windows in an old place hold many memories:

old windows 11

Looking out on the Wall

old windows 15

The Picture

TThe dog does like to bark fiercely at passing (safely faraway) dogs, so a barrier is put up:

old windows 14

The Bark-Preventer

This is taken away when company arrives:

old windows 24

Nothing to Bark At

The morning is bright behind the nets:

old windows 9 (2)

Morning Window

Later the windows look out over the setting sun:

old windows 10


old windows 4

Evening 2

Meanwhile the little wren still sits tucked into the window square:

old windows 16

The Wren

And the gnu still rests its head, beside the metal violin:

old windows 8

The Gnu

And just occasionally, even during this cold Spring, the sun does shine through the old windows:

old windows 20


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