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In the Garden: Tulip Opening


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In the Garden: The Darkest Tulip

Dark TulipWe love the colour of this flower. Until last year this border was dominated by a fuschia that had grown and grown until it obscured the view of the garden from the house, and darkened everything round about.  Sadly it had to go. Since then the border has flourished, and one can now enjoy these dark flowers.  Went to Floors Castle today, to the Garden Centre, and found one of these tulips in a pot with a whole group of offshoots growing in the same pot. Apparently the bulbs of these offshoots look like the bulbs of wild garlic, which I know well, from uprooting the stuff from all over the garden (whilst enjoying seeing it flourish in the woods). So soon we will have another dark tulip, and some very small tulips on the way. Another plant arrived today, a magnolia that was, rather extraordinarily, pushed through our not-very-wide letter box (very strange delivery, as we were both in the house). Looking at this quite sizeable plant I have no idea how it wriggled through the flap. However, it seems to have survived.  I bought it because it looked lovely in a catalogue, but had not thought properly about where to put it, though the gardener in the family has an idea which he will unfold to me comorrow.  The garden is a bit like our walls, not much space.  A bookcase was bought the other day and attached to a wall in a cupboard! Anyway, nice to have dark tulips on the premises.

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