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The Midnight Hare pp 30 and 31


Interesting to scan this, the sky is supposed to be blue, I’ll have to apply some more colour. And maybe there is too much of a yellow tinge.  I have just solved a kind of very very elementary mistake vis-a-vis Photoshop in that occasionally, but importantly, I have been muddling centimetres and millimetres when trying to copy and paste.  Never done this before, it must be the new system.  Anyway, mea culpa,  yes indeedy. My consolation for this foolishness is that buildings, or parts of buildings, have been constructed with people making similar mistakes and not noticing at the time. Which is a tad more serious. I also notice that in the original painting I was going to put the lettering at the bottom, but seem to have put it in the sky; however, I think this suits the story better, as it hangs over the head of the hare – so I shall fill up the bottom with more flowers.  This book seems to go heavy on the buttercups.  I think it is because of those fields of flowers that I saw in Liddesdale, swathes of them, with occasionally a deer half hidden amongst them, staring towards the road where I stared back.

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