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A Murky Little Pool III and IV


There is a walk I take beside the Tweed, then come back through a little wood above the Tweed.  As I turn to climb the path up to the little wood, I look to my left at the standing water that has collected in the hollow, beside the path that leads up to the main road. Few people can ever look at this pool, that is nothing more than collected rainwater that vanishes in the summer; so I decide to look at it myself.

With a camera I like to look at the apparently ordinary.  I have never wanted to paint landscape at all, not at all, I like to paint imaginary figures in a setting. In illustrations I use landscape as part of the story.  But looking at a murky little pool through the lens of a camera is something different. It isn’t me so much as the things themselves.

Now I have a record of a year in the Scottish Borders, and I will make use parts of the photographs as background for a story. But my pleasure in looking at a murky little pool is something else altogether.


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A Murky Little Pool II


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