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Margaret in the Forest

margaret in the forestQuite beyond me to take photographs in this cold wet wintry weather, it was all I could do to trail my sorry carcase round the dripping countryside.  Still managed to slip on the mud, and then when I got back managed to pour water over myself when filling a large container (for the studio) from the outside tap; so sat shivering for a while, then went and stood under a hot shower for ten minutes to get rid of the chill. Remnants of this bronchial lurgy still hanging about.

Whilst out walking I met a cyclist on the small high path above the fields, wouldn’t like to have been him if he hit a rabbit hole and tumbled down through the undergrowth.  No colour, except for the darkness of the branches and the ochre and sepia of the weeds, and sparse faint trails of pale green here and there in the fields.

This little picture taken from “The Fierce and Gentle Wolf” by Gerald Goldin and Jennifer Doherty, with my illustrations, is to serve as a substitute for images taken whilst out walking.  We don’t have snow here, but over in Kelso it was visible, and the ground was sheet ice here and there.  But nothing to touch the snowy fields out in Liddesdale.  My son came running in:  “Look, look, the fields are pitch white!”

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