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The Weir


the weir

Strange how the panoramic view distorts the shape of the weir, and yet this is what the camera sees from a single  wide viewpoint. A kind of fishbowl effect.  This is looking down the River Tweed. There were several boats on the river, and a total lack of herons – they were obviously keeping a low profile.

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Walking by the Tweed


A fine day for Easter Monday, went for my usual walk along the riverbank then up through the little wood, with a detour to look at the may in full bloom, and the dozens of birds on the shingle bank  and in the water alongside the path to Fireburn Mill. Still fascinated by the panoramic views, I find myself wandering about taking twice as long to cover the distance; but hey, it’s a holiday. Groups of people out and about walking for once, and the Cheviots almost invisible under a haze of heat.

Talked to a lady who was saying how lucky we were to live in a place where one can wander freely.  How I concur.


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River Tweed



Been experimenting with the panoramic button on the camera without reading the instructions, so the first attempts were like a cubist painting, only without the spatial intelligence. By the time I had walked to Lennel and back again I had managed to take a couple of  vistas of the Tweed as it goes past Coldstream. A fine afternoon, and a fun afternoon (not to mention the wood full of bluebells).


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