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The Midnight Hare, page 29


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The Midnight Hare pp.18 and 19

pp18and19augtxtAt the moment I am setting up double-page spreads, quite an interesting part of the project, as they have been painted on different sheets of a notebook up to now.  This rough layout is jpeg at 300dpi, set up on Photoshop; though the finished scans will be pdfs scanned at 600dpi, with the text set up in Adobe Acrobat in a separate process. If I had been doing these pictures across one piece of paper, which is how I used to work when I did pen and watercolour illustrations on big blocks of wonderful Fabriano paper, maybe I would have had the woodland path in this double-page spread more integrated; but the slight oddness doesn’t really both me much, and I have to remember that these images will be on separate pages, which will create a greater space than here. I think a slight jaggedness between the pages is quite interesting, even if aesthetically slightly weird. Many picture books have double-page spreads throughout, but I could never have done this story like that. I have two double-page spreads in the whole book, one when Milo and the Hare are flying over the Borderlands; and one right at the end, pp. 30 and 31, before the vignette and the closing words on p.32.


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