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The Hirsel: Moon


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Moon, Mooching, River Tweed

Moon over River Tweed

Came back in just as the dark was creeping in. The moon was in the clear sky, but what drew my eye me was that heap of pale cloud over the hills on the horizon. I took some pictures earlier of those hills, looking through the new zoom lens, almost like looking through binoculars:



With my naked eye I don’t see the folds of those far hills, and don’t notice that achromatic haze created by distance. I can see I am going to have to find out more about the ins and outs of this camera, and I also know that I am going to have some fun. The delights of not quite knowing what one is about, the real meaning of the word “amateur”, the time to go walkabout. In the morning I am working on a commission, which will take up all next week, if the rough is accepted.  A very interesting commission, but with the need to fulfil expectations upon me, and the hope of pleasing.


With the camera I can just wander about as I please – and since we are on limited rations every other day of the week, I don’t even have to make the supper.  Don’t think I will take a “food” photograph of the tin of red pepper soup and the dried fruit which I dug out of the cupboard in desperation, having bought it in Lidl a year ago. It’s surprisingly sweet and cheap. Unlike myself.


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“Miss Jessamine”

Miss Jessamine

Poem from Old Merlaine, published by William Heinemann

Maybe I should have put this in my blog on October 31st.

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River Tweed and Moon


I was talking to Doron about walking, in the darkness, into a massive pile of leaves on the Lees estate last year, just near where I took this photograph; and how strange a feeling that was, being deeper than waist deep in a substance I could not see, and for a moment or two could not recognise. I thought I would put this image on my blog, as a recognition that the light is darkening, the days are shortening, but it is still possible to wander round with a camera making a fool of oneself in the near-dark. I don’t suppose the person who originally swept up the leaves into this great pile would have been best pleased at the mess I must have caused  – however, I hope he/she ascribed the mess to wild animals and not a straying human eejit.

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Moon, Willows, River Tweed


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Apple Trees, Moon, River Tweed


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