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Plastic Bag Lady

bag lady

I was living in Sunderland and had a couple of cupboards where I stored plastic bags.  My son said that I did not need all the plastic bags I was storing. This is obvious from the photograph, where there are not just the visible bags, but bags within bags. When I first met my present husband I discovered that his name for me on his computer was “bag lady”.  This did not come from my plethora of handbags but from the fact that I always seemed to be lugging stuff around in plastic bags (and had holes in my boots). These days are now gone. The growth of plastic bags in the trees of Sunderland, flapping in breezes, hanging down in rain, was not a joyous sight. I save some plastic bags still, but use them and re-use them; and I also have a lovely proper material bag with an elephant on it for carrying a book, a brush, the paper. This photograph turned up when I was unpacking my possessions which have been in store for seven years. A poignant business, and fun too in some ways. This is why I have not been posting on WordPress, I haven’t taken a photograph for some time, and as well as unpacking about 150 boxes I am deep in finishing the pictures for The Midnight Hare; I am waiting to get back to my normal life, when I could wander aimlessly for England – or Scotland maybe, as that is where I now live. I am all in favour of the charge on plastic bags, they should do the same for all plastic, and besides, it is I am sure perfectly possible to make bio-degradeable plastic; I bought some allegedly bio-degradeable bags at the Co-op last week to line my waste bin. So there.

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Windows in Old Houses

old windows 1

The Oval Window

The oval window looks out right along the garden, which is only just beginning to flourish, in this cold Spring that has lasted deep into April.  Snow is forecast for June.  In the meantime, from the outside the oval window shines blue with reflected sky.

old windows 19

The Oval Window from the Terrace

New windows in an old place hold many memories:

old windows 11

Looking out on the Wall

old windows 15

The Picture

TThe dog does like to bark fiercely at passing (safely faraway) dogs, so a barrier is put up:

old windows 14

The Bark-Preventer

This is taken away when company arrives:

old windows 24

Nothing to Bark At

The morning is bright behind the nets:

old windows 9 (2)

Morning Window

Later the windows look out over the setting sun:

old windows 10


old windows 4

Evening 2

Meanwhile the little wren still sits tucked into the window square:

old windows 16

The Wren

And the gnu still rests its head, beside the metal violin:

old windows 8

The Gnu

And just occasionally, even during this cold Spring, the sun does shine through the old windows:

old windows 20


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