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The Midnight Hare, page 6

MH page 6

Just noticed a typo, which I can’t change on this scan has the print has been rasterized – that shows me that I will need to read everything through at least four times before I present the final scans.  This is a much looser picture, but I don’t think suffers from this.

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Midnight Hare: page 21


Work in progress, a half finished picture – this was always going to be a difficult page, and going back to it, I see that I shall have to rework it, as the hare is too big, and Milo’s head is too big, and his expression is not right.  But the birds, which I was worried about, are as I want them. I have ordered some paper that is wide enough to cross over two pages, and am now going to get back to work and finish enough of this book to send it out.  I have been going through a stage when I feel somewhat dissatisfied, but this always happens at some point in a project; I still like the story and I like the techniques I am using, but still  I see these faults after I have been working some time on a painting.  However, doing a painting  again, when the basic design is there, does not take much time. What else do I like?  I like the colours, and I like the hoopoe… well, I like the birds on the whole.  They are both scary and fun, which is what I always wanted.

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