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Little Bird Waiting

little bird

I bought a new bird feeder from Lidl (pronounced Leedle in the advertisements, which is daft, as everybody calls it Liddle) very cheap (cheep cheep) anyway, and even cheaper on offer, and for a couple of days of course the birds almost completely ignored it, but now they are congregating in the nearby trees and hedges when I got out to replenish it, waiting until I go out of sight or else into the Tardis, before they start feeding. The days are so dark at the moment, it has been grey all day, not a pinch or squeak or sequin of sun; but the birds cheer me up.  They are making spring noises.  And we are so lucky compared to many people this spring. So thank you, sparrow on the pruned hornbeam hedge, thank you for visiting and making your cheerful noises with all your flurry of companions, enjoy the seed.

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