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Fishing and Gulls



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Gulls in the Field by the River


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The Lees in April



Walking by the Leet I could see above me the big expanse of farmland known as the Lees was edged with a crowd of vehicles, first of all I thought it might be travellers, or some local event, but it was an army of farm vehicles rented to turn over the soil and seed the field. I went walking past today but refrained from photographing them as I thought it would be invasive.  As I left the field the machines themselves were leaving, preceded by a van, which parked right in the middle of the access road to block it, so that the big machine could come up it impeded.  I had to run, looking over my shoulder, to make sure I was out of the way.  It made a great noise as it then slowly manouevred itself out into the main road on its way to wherever. I have total respect for drivers of these monsters – massif as they say in Jamaica. The  lines on the field are rather extrordinary.  The delicacy of them.  I remember the great muddy clods of yesteryear. I was out for a short walk with the small camera, but maybe over the next few days I will try and get some pictures of the feeding birdswith a more powerful zoom.  They are canny, crows, they know just how close they are not going to let you get.



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