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Bears in a Red-Sailed Boat

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A Bear from Long Ago

This bear with a guitar, who decorated a card long since sold out, seems to have strayed into my new book, as have the ribbons, and even the lamp-post. I had forgotten all about him. The original card which sparked the idea for the book was quite different, and was called Bear in a Red-sailed Boat; though come to think of it, there was a guitar there too.

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Musicians in the Forest

Looking through my files, wondering when I will have time to cull all the imagery on my computer (which will have to be done) I come across this painting, now sold, and from quite a time ago, and I notice two things: firstly, my attraction to wandering musicians, which is the subject of my new story, goes way back; and secondly, I have made a very serious mistake in the shape of the guitar case, which I will now have to carefully rectify in about fifteen illustrations at least. I got so involved with the story I didn’t check the details. I had forgotten about this painting – it is strange how ideas and imagery recur. It’s much more orange than my usual work, which tends towards blue and mauve and deep red, with a fair smattering of brown (sepia being one of my favourite colours) and naples yellow (ditto); but it certainly has the feel of what I am working on now. Glad I came across it, almost by accident, it has proved useful.

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