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Wild Garlic, Celandine and Feather

wild garlic, celandine, feather

Wild garlic is pestilential in the garden, but the swathes of it beside the river allure me.  Just as visually it takes to rain, so it takes to shadows and sunlight. I think those are the leaves of dreaded ground elder peeking through. This patch was just beyond the bridge that goes under the road that leads to Edinburgh.  On the inner walls of the bridge is scrawled some nasty grafitti, which I did not take a photograph of.  It suddenly appeared, in large pink letters, last summer; gradually it is fading into the background, becoming something that is just there, rather than an eyesore, which it was when written first in that gaudy scrawl. Coldstream  like everywhere else it has its little pockets of sin…

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There are some places where grafitti looks just right, where grafitti has its own beauty.





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