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Hirsel Lake:Gulls


Went out for a longer walk this afternoon, as had a hiatus in my work.  A fine, cold day. Took the new camera and tried it out on the Hirsel Lake as the sun went down beyond the trees. I haven’t even read a quarter way through the instructions, so don’t know the ins and outs; but am fascinated, especially by the zoom, and by the difference in the way the lens reads colour when the light is dim, and the difference in focus. Was out for over two hours, came home along the back way which was deep in rank mud that I had to wash off my boots and clothes. So many people walking near the lake, and the cafe was full this Saturday afternoon in January. There were dozens of little girls dressed in layers of beige and pink, some with pink crash helmets, riding their scooters,  and one child of indeterminate sex standing under a tree attacking its scooter with a stick and shouting at it. On the back way there was nobody except one brave runner who went splashing through  the mud in her trainers. Not a soul on the golf course. Some day soon when the sun sets a bit later, and the Hirsel is not so crowded, I will go up and crouch in the Hide and peer out over the lake from there.The place is crowded with birds this winter, especially over the far side, and I want to have a closer look.

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Gold Leaf II

gold leaf 2

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Gold Leaf I


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