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Heron in the Leet 3


I think this was a young heron, just learning to catch small fry from the river, by the small weir on Leet Water.  It seemed less aware of people than usual with herons, and so I stood on the bridge and photographed it from above for several minutes, while it stalked about, obviously on the qui vive for morsels; though the most it seemed to get were insects and maybe a tiny fish.






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Fishing Boat


The boats moored all along the edge of River Tweed have been laid up for the winter, but now they are back on the water, swinging to and fro on their end of their moorings.  This is the first day I have seen fishing back on the river.  In the distance are loud bangs, I don’t know whether from guns or bird scarers.  There are empty cartridge cases littering the pathway, and fishermen in boats in the distance, and someone fishing in waders near the bank.  I have heard salmon jumping, but all the birds have vainished, I don’t see a single bird on the river through my walk. Not even a heron.

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