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The Midnight Hare, almost flying



Page One, this is. Quite sparse, unlike the rest of illustrations to the story. The Midnight Hare is now entered on Nielsen, and an A6 greetings card has been ordered, an image of the front and back cover, which I am going to use as part of the publicity material, because that is the stage the book is at, after all this time. I should have put the book on Nielsen months ago, apparently, not just a few weeks before publication day, which I have fairly randomly chosen as June 21st. I didn’t really want to do anything until I had actual copies of the book, which should arrive within the next fortnight or so. However, each day now I set myself some task to carry out. I tried to look at the possibility of WooCommerce, for selling on-line, I was just trawling the Internet, and woosh, it was a bit like being attacked by an enormous cat, I was captured before I was in any way prepared: I shall have to tread a tad more carefully before committing myself. It would take me much less time to fill in forms if I read the instructions more carefully.  I would organise my other site, Moonwuzo Books, much better if I had read my WordPress manual right through. Indeedy. However, this has all been a very interesting learning experience, even if it is a process of realising how much more I have still  to learn. Now I am trawling through the differences between distributors and wholesellers, and when to approach the one and then the other. However, firstly I am going to concentrate on local outlets, as I have sold work there before, and this is after all a book set in the landscape of the Borders.


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Midnight Hare Cover 2

owlandpussycatSet with Boldini Type,think I prefer this to my slightly mimsy lettering.  Tried all sorts of lettering, still sitting in my dressing gown, but as soon as I put this up it felt right. I am also going to do a cover on paler paper, with the same imagery but with more scenery, and the lettering going over the top of the scenery (night sky, Borders landscape with towers).  I can decide later which I prefer, or ask others. Covers have never been my strong point.  I am getting to the point of setting up a mock of the book; then I have to decide what to do next! Now I need to get dressed and get back to the studio. Usually I hate finishing paintings, but this time I am enjoying it.  The mock-up won’t be of totally finished illustrations, but not roughs either.

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The Midnight Hare Cover


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