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DSCF6942What is this long-legged insect?

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Wild Flowers by River Tweed

Flowers by River Tweed

These flowers grow along the banks of Nun’s Walk, which rises high above River Tweed, with a sheer drop to one side, and the walls of gardens on the other side, so that plants drift over the wall and find a rootold amongst the wild flowers. Now the June flowers have been scythed, the July flowers have sprung up with amazing speed. It has been very hot, I have taken to walking in a straw hat.  I will have to hold on to it going up Nun’s Walk, as it may easily be blown away by one of these light summer breezes, and land down in the water amongst the swans and ducks and the occasional heron. There are evening primroses on the banks, and mallow. The martins zip above ones head on Nun’s Walk, and I go past a group standing perilously close to the edge, where a young girl is telling her older companions some story about a long-ago nun jumping off the edge. But no known accidents in recent years. My husband has promised me never to ride his bike down this path again.

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