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Cat on a Wall

cat on a wall2

Coming back late, after mooching about in the woods, as I was walking down Gas Lane I was aware of this handsome cat sitting on the wall above the aubretia, enjoying the sunshine. It knew quite well that I was looking at it, but it didn’t move a muscle apart from posing its head this way and that way.  This is a very well-looked after cat,  a particularly handsome cat, a cool cat. Far as I know, this is not one of those cats that sneaks over the wall and hides between our raised vegetable birds, or just behind the compost bin, on the qui vive for the odd bird. I don’t think I would have the nerve to tell this cat to scram (I do like cats very much, but we have an understanding with the birds in this household).  And I don’t think there would be any need to tell it to scram. And I don’t think it would pay any attention if I did. So pretty, eh!

cat on a wall 3

cat on a wall 4

cat on a wall1

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