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Owl and Mirror

Someone put these words on to a painting that I can’t even remember putting on-line. I quite like the words, and I like even more that someone used this image for these words.

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Julia’s Bird

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Scottish Borders Alphabet Postcard


Scottish BordersSCANJust finished two new alphabet designs, to make-up for some sold-out designs, which I am going to send out with a catalogue (posh name for A4 folded) with some Berwick Bear cards, and a plug for The Midnight Hare on the back. The colours in this look a little dimmer than I would like, but hopefully in a different mode and printed from a PDF they should be OK. My stuff was in store for seven years (in the meantime I got married) and now I find I have a whole heap of Alphabet Postcards which I am going all out to sell (the National Trust sold them for years, but then suddenly stopped; and also I sold them at the local Farmers’ Market in Berwick, which is no longer extant, which explains why I have quite a few left), whilst I think of doing something quite different. I have started using a sketchbook, so different from drawing off photographs, or taking photographs; I feel I am starting to learn all over again – that is if I ever did – a good/worrying feeling. I  novels already in the world, and the visual might provide a different element into the theme. We shall see.

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