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The Fallen Tree


This tree shattered, and fell towards the bridge. A couple of years ago there was a swing hanging from a main branch (children often play down by the River Leet here, leaving signs of their occupation, at the moment there are the ashes of a fire). I think the swinging with the weight of a child must have weakened the tree. From the broken branches leaves are still sprouting. Elsewhere, a chaos of tree. Somewhere I have a photograph of that swing, before the tree tumbled.


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Portrait through Glass


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Cow Parsley in Dappled Sunlight


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Cow Parsley Reflected in the Leet


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Baby Bird


This small personage was squeaking and agitating and giving me the eye outside out conservatory/lean-to, I was alarmed for the wee bird, but when I went out it had disappeared. Hope it survives, to join the female blackbird who crashed against our window in the night and knocked out all the flesh and feathers on the back of her head, and the blackbird without a tail, whom I’ve noticed for a couple of years now, both haunting the bird table. Whenever I go out into the garden, they appear, sometimes accompanying me up to the path to the vegetable garden.


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Thank you, Nabeel


LOGO1After all this expended energy on The Midnight Hare, I find my name has been entered inaccurately on Nielsen, and this has expanded out to all possible suppliers – I am not and never have been Cara Lockihart Smith, not has anyone else been Cara Lockihart Smith since the Stone Age, I suspect. I had enormous trouble trying to change this on Nielsen’s website, then luckily got hold of, by telephone, a great guy called Nabeel Sadiq at Nielsen, who had already received an email from me with a tad more anguish than is my usual mode in professional exchanges. I gave him my details and he has changed my name back to my name, so hopefully this will also come up in the different outlets, although it may take a day or so.  The book isn’t published until June 21st. I have a page already on Amazon, because of other published work, and in the long run I hope to get the new book up with the others. Then, more hassle, trying to set up details for selling over Amazon, I find I am not legit until further exploration because I have neither passport nor driving license. I DO HAVE A SCOTTISH BORDERS ID CARD. Oh well. Worse things happen. It is lovely to get back to walking, to looking at things down a camera lens, to catching up with friends and with comments on WordPress, and to thinking, only thinking mind, of doing the last bit of washing of garments that came out of store last September, after seven long years, and have been sitting under the stairs since then; with my husband Tony just occasionally mentioning them. Among the objects in the big bag, two beautiful knitted waistcoats made by my mother, which it will be good to wear again. I have moved the bag upstairs. The next step, we shall see…. This entry isn’t going up on my Moonwuzo Books website, as it is a moan; but I am glad to get it off my chest by sharing.



I realise I have two differently coloured logos on file. This one was used for The Midnight Hare, as it fitted in better with the cover, but I still prefer the blue, as that kind of lavender is my favourite colour. Probably this brown orange will be the definitive one, though the lettering jiggles a little against the background, I think this may be because it comes from a tiny image, and is a jpeg, which the original is not.




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Light on the River Leet 1

Light on the Leet 1


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Reflection of the Old Bridge

Reflection of the Old Bridge

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Thistledown Clock

Thistledown Clock


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Patch of Sunlight 1


Patch of Sunlight 1

Last time I went out with my camera it was snowing, could see this by looking back at the card… The Midnight Hare has taken up my energy, but now it is at the printers, I can do no more. Yesterday I started taking photographs, and right away small images tugged at my mind. It was mostly the May sunlight on grass beside the pathway down to the River Leet, and on the water itself.

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