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Milo Frees the Hare

milo frees the hare

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Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas

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Milo Looking Over the Gate

Looking Over the Gate

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The Midnight Hare, pages 29 and 30


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The Midnight Hare: Alighting in the Garden


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Flying Home over the Borderlands


This is the finished version of page 20 of The Midnight Hare (the book I am self-publishing); that is, finished before computer tweaking, and the laying on of text. At last I have started the set-up of the illustrations and text. This is being documented on my other WordPress website, Moonwuzo Books, but it seems a long time since I posted on my original site. It is sad not to be going out with the camera, especially on sunny November days when the light is so ravishing, but there is a kind of loose deadline for the book to be ready for the printers. I am still quibbling with myself about what size the borders should be – they are going to be rough-edged, and I think just 8mm. I prefer the slightly rough edges, especially as most of the words are going on to the images – the hard edges and the wider margin just looked wrong somehow. The yellow needs to be a bit paler and cooler here, the colours are still a bit hot; but the very simple design suits this part of the story.

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Bee Lavender

bee lilacA few moments ago I was writing a few words, when suddenly at each keystroke appeared a cerulean dot; and then when I moved the mouse around in frustration, great sweeps of thick blue lines covered the page.  Computers are so weird, I have no idea what happened.  My musings on Trimontium, clocks going back, the flare of the setting sun, pictures of a giraffe, printing schedules, have disappeared into the ether. So I shall emulate the bee and buzz off.

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The Moonwuzo Painting

The Moonwuzo

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Plastic Bag Lady

bag lady

I was living in Sunderland and had a couple of cupboards where I stored plastic bags.  My son said that I did not need all the plastic bags I was storing. This is obvious from the photograph, where there are not just the visible bags, but bags within bags. When I first met my present husband I discovered that his name for me on his computer was “bag lady”.  This did not come from my plethora of handbags but from the fact that I always seemed to be lugging stuff around in plastic bags (and had holes in my boots). These days are now gone. The growth of plastic bags in the trees of Sunderland, flapping in breezes, hanging down in rain, was not a joyous sight. I save some plastic bags still, but use them and re-use them; and I also have a lovely proper material bag with an elephant on it for carrying a book, a brush, the paper. This photograph turned up when I was unpacking my possessions which have been in store for seven years. A poignant business, and fun too in some ways. This is why I have not been posting on WordPress, I haven’t taken a photograph for some time, and as well as unpacking about 150 boxes I am deep in finishing the pictures for The Midnight Hare; I am waiting to get back to my normal life, when I could wander aimlessly for England – or Scotland maybe, as that is where I now live. I am all in favour of the charge on plastic bags, they should do the same for all plastic, and besides, it is I am sure perfectly possible to make bio-degradeable plastic; I bought some allegedly bio-degradeable bags at the Co-op last week to line my waste bin. So there.

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The Midnight Hare, Page 9


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