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The decision has been taken: I am by-passing approaches to publishers and agents altogether, and publishing The Midnight Hare myself, with the help of Martins the Printers in Spittal (not so far away) who have printed small press books before, that I have been involved in, titles which have been successful.

So much to think about, but so interesting.  I am looking at the process as one might look at a dissertation, a subject to explore, a definite project to be bought to fruition within a specific time.  I am hoping to have the printed books ready before Christmas, for publication in March 2018, which seems suitable for a Hare. This is the first time the words “Moonwuzo Books” have been written down on-line.

I will probably set up a separate WordPress site in due course. Meanwhile I will use this part of my website as a minor Moonwuzo blog. Giving the project a name is the first step.  I hovered between “Moonwuzo Press” and “Moonwuzo Books”, but after consultation with my husband Tony decided on the word “books” as being more recognisable to children.

The plural worried me, as at the moment it is just one book – but after all there will be a print-run, which is books in the plural.  And if this works, ie if the book looks good, is liked, and doesn’t lose money, then who knows what might happen in the future.

The Moonwuzo was a character in a book of mine that Heinemann published many years ago, called Old  Merlaine. He will make a very nice logo, with his fish tail, his wings, and his trilby hat.

Written on April 5 2017


I have opened a new website for Moonwuzo Books ( which at the moment is very sparse, but I’ve got my 24-hour wordpress trainer book and will delve back into this to try and organise myself. The book goes to the printers in January, and I need to finish this cover by then, am thinking of producing some hand lettering  to give it more dynamism – we shall see.  Maybe I am fiddling about too much with this, it is just as well I have a deadline!


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