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Winter Sun 2

The landscape changes so fast at this time of year, the sun is so brilliant that I cannot see anything walking towards its flare unless I shade my eyes and look down at the pavement. Being in the car on sunlit days is a continual movement of pulling down the window shades, looking for my man’s dark glasses, squinting and blinking. I have all my life been so comatose in the morning that nowhere in any portfolio is there an image of dawn. My son says when I was at college I got up early, many moons and many suns ago. Sometimes I have worked all night, the night hoodoos me still horizontal, but working at night, there is something calming. It is like being in wild places. One can step off the machine, somehow. I wasn’t going to write anything this evening, I’m tired, I am getting back to doing things instead of moithering, but in the evening I’d quite like someone to lift me up to a high branch and leave me there until morning, slowly twirling in the wind. Not in a knotted noose. No. In a hammock, maybe, a twirling hammock. far up above the earth.

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  1. Gorgeous photo, Cara! It’s so soothing. I love the soft edges of the trees.

    I’ve never encountered the word ‘moither’ before. ūüôā


    Comment by Tokens of Companionship | January 26, 2023 | Reply

  2. Aha, I don’t think it is a made-up word. It means, to me at least, wandering around, picking up this and that, feeling slightly guilty, not settling on anything. I think being in a moither means being a bit muddled and strung-up, in an inane way. But I shall look up the dictionary definition. Thanks for your nice words about the photograph, Brad.

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    Comment by Cara Lockhart Smith | January 26, 2023 | Reply

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