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Baby Bird


This small personage was squeaking and agitating and giving me the eye outside out conservatory/lean-to, I was alarmed for the wee bird, but when I went out it had disappeared. Hope it survives, to join the female blackbird who crashed against our window in the night and knocked out all the flesh and feathers on the back of her head, and the blackbird without a tail, whom I’ve noticed for a couple of years now, both haunting the bird table. Whenever I go out into the garden, they appear, sometimes accompanying me up to the path to the vegetable garden.


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  1. We have a garden full, blue tits, house sparrows, blackbirds and a robin. I currently have bike inner tubes draped over tree branches to deter the cats. Hose is aimed and ready. Mine was rather surprised when he got a dousing the other day.

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    Comment by hillsofnottingham | May 27, 2018 | Reply

    • Brilliant hose technology. We have local cats who used to invade the garden, but we chase them off, and they have been less frequent recently. I love cats, but they don’t go with birds…. so we are sticking with birds. I had a jackdaw come to the bird table, for the first time, a few days ago. Today he arrived with three of his mates!

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      Comment by Cara Lockhart Smith | May 27, 2018 | Reply

  2. Hi Cara, I haven’t been over your way for awhile. Thank you for all your likes on Art Rat. I’m finding it increasingly difficult to give 100% to more than one thing and my priority is my art so blogging sits on the side waiting to be asked to dance ūüôā
    I’m here to take a stroll around to see what you’ve been up to.
    That’s a very sad little bird.
    I put mandala stickers on my windows to stop the bird crashes. They need to see something there to warn them except transparent glass.

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    Comment by clinock | May 29, 2018 | Reply

    • The blackbird that hit the glass did it late at night. I can’t think how she survived with such an injury, when birds can be so frail. A great idea to put mandala stickers on the glass. I think the sad little bird is probably OK, it isn’t lying around in a sad heap of fluffy twigs, anyway. It was just the way it was squawking at me through the glass was so poignant. Look forward to seeing what you do put up on your website, it is a pleasure to tune into your creations.

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      Comment by Cara Lockhart Smith | May 29, 2018 | Reply

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