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Where Have All the Butterflies Gone?


Went up Nun’s Walk today, high above River Tweed, to see if there were any butterflies on the masses of buddleias growing there, and apart from one cabbage white, nada… this photograph was taken a year or so ago when there were peacocks, red admirals, tortoishells, painted ladies, not in profusion, but still enough to be noticeable.  But this July the buddleias are deserted, apart from some bees. I remember twenty years back the buddleia in the garden being totally covered with butterflies – this was in the town, too. What has happened this year, and what does it portend for next spring and summer?

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It has been pointed out to me on Facebook, I think correctly, that this is NOT a rowan berry, and the person who pointed it out (thank you, Andie) is, I think correct.  I think the leaves are those of a wild cherry tree. I wasn’t paying due attention.

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