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Midnight Hare Cover 2

owlandpussycatSet with Boldini Type,think I prefer this to my slightly mimsy lettering.  Tried all sorts of lettering, still sitting in my dressing gown, but as soon as I put this up it felt right. I am also going to do a cover on paler paper, with the same imagery but with more scenery, and the lettering going over the top of the scenery (night sky, Borders landscape with towers).  I can decide later which I prefer, or ask others. Covers have never been my strong point.  I am getting to the point of setting up a mock of the book; then I have to decide what to do next! Now I need to get dressed and get back to the studio. Usually I hate finishing paintings, but this time I am enjoying it.  The mock-up won’t be of totally finished illustrations, but not roughs either.

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