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The Midnight Hare page 25 and 23



Realised that I had probably posted page 25 before, and can’t trace 23, so have included that, and will probably not now post any more images of The Midnight Hare, except perhaps the cover, until the book is much nearer ready to print. One of the reasons I have posted images is that I have been a victim of plagiarism in the past and am fond of this story and don’t want this to happen; at least if the book is kind of out there I can prove my original authorship. Am still debating whether to kind of do it myself (under the aegis of a smaller publisher) or send it out to mainstream publishers; there have been developments in both practical terms and in my attitude to the book.  There are surely advantages in keeping control of one’s work, and I don’t see that an agent could not be approached to possibly deal with further rights.  We shall see.  In the meantime, after a bit of a hiatus, I am back to work.  Have to finish my Christmas card first, then it is back to finishing the pictures; or enough of them to send out, if that is what I decide. Next year I want to work more loosely on larger canvases, that should be fun. But children’s picture books are a real love, no doubt of that.

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