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Autumn on the Lees


The roads are full of farm machinery travelling at a ponderous rate, some of the machines great beasts as big as houses. This field was sown with rape seed, its pungent smell wafting down the High Street earlier on in the season. The new machinery levels the ground and makes of the earth fine tilth, nothing like the great ruts of old that were left by ploughing. I can remember stumbling over ploughed fields when young, and my boots getting heavier and heavier with wet southern clay; and I remember the sheen on the side of the ruts themselves where they had been cut. Two summers ago, over in Liddesdale, where there are hill farms, and very little arable land, I came across a much wider range of flowers, insects and birds, even though the main farmer in this more eastern area has a good reputation for conservation as well as good husbandry. And one can walk round the big estates round here which are more loosely cultivated. Hawks are seen often at this time of year.  And so many butterflies are thronging the buddleia, it is quite cheering..

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