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First Blossom, First Bee

afirst blossom

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Blue Boat and Willows

blue boat and willows

There have only been about two days this month when there has been enough light in the afternoon to enjoy going out with the camera – I am sure if I was more patient I could use the manual setting and a tripod and take some delicate grey, silken, silvery,watery pictures; but I am not patient at the moment. I want to get up to the studio and back to a picture of Milo sitting in the grass watching his hare. The first picture got overworked, so this time I am being more careful with the drawing, and then will try to be less finickety with the painting. Today I was briefly up at the studio and came back with my workshirt thick with snow, and then a moment later the sky was blue. Lovely rainbow two days ago, over the town, it looked pretty over the bird table.  The birds are ravenous. But spring is on its way, and I’ve had a nice day today, snow or no snow. I even let the starlings snaffle all the suet treats without knocking on the window.  They are the locusts of the bird family.

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