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A New Year Painting of Horses



Nothing but rain here, day after day, night after night.  I have been ensconced in the Tardis, aka my octagonal studio in the vegetable garden, painting a small New Year’s gift for a relative who likes horses.  Outside the bird table is busy, the starlings seemed to have mostly disappeared, and when I see an enormous woodpigeon landing I bang on the window, as those birds just seem to intimidate the smaller birds. The blackbirds, which didn’t appear throughout the summer, are back in numbers, and very tame. Today, amonst the sparrows, dunnocks and tits I saw a female siskin, which means there are two of them and they may nest together, and a nuthatch, who is now a consistent visitor; and also a blackcap, which I thought I glimpsed yesterday, but a sighting of which I confirmed today. A nice variety of birds, then, whilst I stare out of the window, inbetween painting and listening to  a Schubert Impromptu in F Minor, which would be one of my choices on Desert Island Discs, though a) I am never going to be on DID and b) islands have a bad effect on my psyche – I like Borderlands.

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  1. A perfect antidote to all the grey wet rain!


    Comment by greenmackenzie | January 5, 2016 | Reply

    • A friend says she likes the horses but prefers the hares … I am getting back to painting illustrations now, am thinking of using gouache on coloured paper, something I haven’t done for years. Bought a book on Vuillard and his use of distemper on cardboard is just so beautiful….


      Comment by Cara Lockhart Smith | January 8, 2016 | Reply

  2. What a beautiful gift Cara and how lucky for them – a magical scene with the manor backdrop for the two frolicking horses. I’ll bet your studio was the perfect escape for such a dreary day!


    Comment by Mary | January 6, 2016 | Reply

    • Yes, it was fun to paint, but now back to hares…. am going to try gouache using on tinted Ingres paper for the illustrations…. Thought the white of the Midnight Hare might show up more dramatically against a coloured background. Also, I am inclined to overwork the surface of my work, and think having a coloured base might help.

      Liked by 1 person

      Comment by Cara Lockhart Smith | January 8, 2016 | Reply

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