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Wild Garlic

Wild Garlic 1In the garden the wild garlic insinuates itself into every corner.  It mimics the bluebells which spring up through the layer of wood shavings round the back of the studio, so that among the just-appearing bluebell flowers peer out the fully-formed white heads of garlic. Wild garlic leaves are almost the same as bluebell leaves, especially when full-grown.  It springs up in the gravel beside the pond, and under the hawthorn hedge.  Each year I pull up by its roots as much of it as I can reach, and each year it returns, though a little less than formerly. But when I go out walking the wild garlic is everywhere, great swathes of it, so pretty with the shadows of trees over it, or with the dew on its leaves.  After working in the garden I find myself wanting to reach over and haul it up by its roots; however, another part of my mind can appreciate the prettiness of the plant and its particular aroma. A cousin, who disliked anyone weeding, said once that weeds were only flowers in the wrong place.

Wild Garlic 2

Wild garlic 3

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