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Frog at the Glass 2

FrogAt first we thought this was the resident toad, who makes an appearance once a year or so, but it seems to me, from the glistening skin and the smooth back that it is probably a frog, though it is much larger than frogs I have seen before.  It was gazing at its faint reflection and didn’t seem at all bothered about being peered at.  It was so still you could only tell it was living by the gulping gestures at its throat. I think its black unblinking eye is a thing of beauty, with its goldish rim and that turquoise lid.  The little stubby front paws contrast with the great webbed feet. We left it alone, and when we came back from our walk it had disappeared, possibly back into the region of the pond, which is now unfrozen, with the first new iris leaves appearing above the dark water.

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  1. Cara it is great to see the water flow again and the ice has gone while the prince return to your kingdom have a nice weekend x


    Comment by doronart | February 17, 2015 | Reply

    • Yeh, but I didn’t kiss the wee fellow so he stayed a frog – but I liked him like that. Beautiful days, mostly, though high winds today, and we had to take the sails off the pretty metal windmill we were given for Christmas, in case it got damaged. But good to see new life in the pond. Enjoy the spring. I wish you a good weekend too, Doron – I am off to Huddersfield to see a performance of Rapunzel this weekend, am packing this evening. X


      Comment by Cara Lockhart Smith | February 18, 2015 | Reply

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