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Female Blackbird

female blackbirdThroughout the summer we noticed that the garden was totally devoid of blackbirds, but now they are all over the place – not just in the garden, but in the Hirsel woods, where they putter around under the trees, turning over the dead leaves in their search for food.  They do not seem frightened much of humans, they almost seem to have an insouciance (the four-and-twenty blackbirds put in a pie were rooks, apparently).  In my old house blackbirds would wander into the house, leaving their droppings on the wooden floor.

Now, through the Tardis window, when I take a break from wrestling with the rough of my book about a Boy and a Hare,  I watch them chasing each other away from the food. I put out some curious red suet-plus-seed balls from The Factory Shop in Kelso that thebirds wouldn’t touch at first, but now they consume them eagerly – the blackbirds were the pioneers in the tasting test; though with all the birds, dried mealworms seem to be the food  de luxe.

There are blackbirds looking down from the ridge along the top of the greenhouse, blackbirds in the hornbeam hedge, blackbirds rattling about in the holly, blackbirds sitting in the silver birch. Blackbirds here, there and everywhere.

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  1. Blackbirds wandering into the house! I’ve never heard of that. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful photo.


    Comment by Marianne Knowles | January 24, 2015 | Reply

    • Thanks for your comment, Marianne. Yes, it was only blackbirds that used to just come hopping in. We had a gull called Mr Holyfoot (because he had a hole in his foot!) that we could feed by hand (until we stopped, as though I was fond of him, the gull crew were creating an anti-social enviornment; but although he would bang on the window for food, he never made any attempt to come into the house.


      Comment by Cara Lockhart Smith | January 25, 2015 | Reply

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