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Winter Moon


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The Moon and the Little Hill

Little Hill and MoonI had been walking towards the setting sun on the English side of the Tweed, and it was getting  dark, so I turned back towards Coldstream Bridge, and suddenly caught sight of the moon shining very brightly beyond the bridge, in a sky which was coloured mauve by the last light of the sun.  This little hill with the trees on top is visible from all different angles in Coldstream, it keeps cropping on the horizon.  It has been a fine day, none of the frost that was expected. There were swans on the river this late afternoon, sailing two by two, as well as swans in the fields, where they overwinter.  I disturbed a bushful of long tailed tits, they all flew up one by one as I approached; and as I returned I saw them in the bare tree they had flown to, a whole gang of them.  They’re like children who run around together, and keep whizzing into sight and then darting off, never still, always following each others actions. Unlike the sparrowhawk we saw on the way back from Kelso this morning, sitting hunched in a tree by the field’s edge, very much on its own,  on the qui vive for dinner, no doubt.

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Reflection: The Bridge Between Scotland and England


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