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Last Light


I lean on Coldstream Bridge and look towards the last flicker of the sun above Coldstream itself. Nothing to be seen  on the river  from this vantage point, no birds, no fishing boats; only the reflections of the trees. A cyclist in quite serious travelling gear stops on the bridge and looks for a while in the same direction – perhaps he is conscious of crossing from one country to another. When I stand in the middle of the bridge I don’t know which country I am in.  Preumably because of this confusion,  last year the bridge was not gritted in the cold weather, and there were at least two serious accidents in the space of a few hours; it took months for the stones at the side of the bridge to be repaired. We are moving swiftly towards the winter now.  A nuthatch visited  the bird table today, a rare visitor, I hope this visitation will be not be the last.

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November Trees

River and Trees

This line of trees is just down from Coldstream Bridge, on the English side of River Tweed.  The low sun shining from the left gives a fox-coloured tint to the riverside plants on this side of the water.  The water is very still on this late November day.

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