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Woods through Trees


Yesterday I went on a one-day photography course at the Hirsel, In Berwickshire; about which I shall write a blog, as it was a great day.  But I have got to do the ironing this evening, much dereliction of duty hinted at there (unfairly, I feel, in this instance, but overall a fair comment, and then it is Downton and the football). So this is one of the photographs, which I took using the manual programme, which this time didn’t bleach everything out or add a blue tinge, so I must have learned something.  I bought a tripod on Friday in Argos in Galashiels, which I forgot immediately in a charity shop – a charity shop that was a charity “outlet” so everything was £1.99 or less, including a CD of the complete recordings of Robert Johnson – so pleased to have this, which I have not owned since I bought an LP many many years ago long disappeared with almost everything else of those years – that I parked the tripod in a corner and left it there; luckily when I got back it was still leaning against the wall and hadn’t been sold for £1.99. Anyway, this blog is turning into displacement activity, so I must log off and switch on the iron….

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