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October Woodland, The Hirsel Estate


For two days now there have been high winds, with flurries of rain and sunshine.  Yesterday I walked up the pathway beside the golf course which segues into the path where the pheasants have right of way. There are always birds on this path, they fuss off when I approach, really it isn’t public footpath terrain, though the pathways are quite clear to follow.  The woods are bright and showy at the same time, the ground thick with ferns. When the wind blows leaves careen down like fairy coins. When I went further into to the wood I heard the dogs barking from the lodge, and the pheasants shrieking; possibly it was my footsteps that were causing this disturbance. Later in the day there was a rainbow, briefly, above the garden; and today the winds have been howling from dawn to dusk, the clocks have gone back, I have stayed indoors, though him outdoors did the usual six mile walk, dressed for the weather, head to foot. New boots have been bought via the Internet: apparently they were supplied to the French Foreign Legion.

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