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The Moonwuzo’s Sea-Song

The Moonwuzo's Sea-Song

Who is that walking on the dark sea sand?

The old Bride of the Wind


What is that staring out of the weedy pool?

The newborn Monster in its caul


What is that eerie chanting from the foam?

The mermaids’ gardening song


What is that shadow floating on the water?

The Fish-King’s daughter


Who bears those candles down by the Sea’s curled rim?

The children going home


from Old Merlaine

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  1. Wonderful and full of wonder…


    Comment by clinock | October 11, 2014 | Reply

    • Thank you so much, John. It’s an old poem that I felt like illustrating afresh, as I did not really like the original drawing in b & w that I did for Old Merlaine (in a big hurry, as I’d had a son in between the writing of the book and the illustrating, and was very behindhand – I was disgracefully bad about publishers deadlines in the past). However, I still think there is a further interpretation there somehow. However, i
      I enjoyed doing the painting, it was bigger than the usual canvas I work on. Very pleased you like the blog entry.


      Comment by Cara Lockhart Smith | October 15, 2014 | Reply

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