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Cornhill Walk 4

The struts of the plant and the distant pylon rise over the great slope of the field. Everything has gone quite suddenly from gold stubble  to acres of finely turned ground, milk chocolate brown, so smooth after the work of these great machines that do the work these days. At the top of the hill is the small wood that I have not explored, but which looks down at me from almost every walk.  This day I set off from Coldstream on a different route to usual, walking over the Border towards Cornhill-on-Tweed.  I had seen a small path as we passed  in the car and wanted to explore, but it just led down to a small electricity installation with DANGER written on a board, so I turned off and continued walking round the edge of a ploughed field (in Northumberland now, so possibly trespassing to some extent) and saw the back garden of a big white house which was surrounded by proper ramparts – perhaps because this is the last house in England. Came back through Cornhill, with a detour down the road to Wark, which was narrow as the small roads of South Somerset and equally dangerous, with traffic hurtling past; then became frit and turned back up and walked further on through Cornhill.  I took a path through a farmyard and then back along the fields, climbing back over a well-known stile and taking the path above the Tweed back towards Coldstream Bridge. A fine day, the blue of the sky cooler than the deep blue of high summer.

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