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Puddle 3


Even during this hot summer, there are puddles at the bottom of slopes. This is all so transient. I appreciate the contrast of the muddy rim, the muddy water and the clarity of the reflection of the leaves. Everything is changing.  If I walk round the puddle, from another angle I see nothing.  In the photograph, when it is enlarged, the puddle water has all kinds of mauve colours in it. The camera picks up more than my eyes. Or has a different interpretation.

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Puddle 2



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Puddle 1


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The Tardis, my studio, is filling up gradually with books, rags, old paint pots, half finished canvases, big bottles with paintbrushes, knick-knacks, charcoal dust, cacti and bird seed. In the midst of trying to finish some acrylic paintings I get a commission of tiny proportions, which means some delicacy needed, which means the table gets dusted free of gubbins, and I take my watercolours out of the cupboard, two paintboxes, a brush roll, and some tubes arranged in a Japanese type woven tray with shallow baskets, obviously for food, but brilliant for keeping the colours separate, bought at a car boot in Kelso.  As I sit down to sketch out a tiny rough, I notice the light through the cobwebs in the window.  Ah, distractions, distractions….

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An Encounter



I was standing on the wooded path on the English side of the Tweed, looking over fields towards Cornhill on Tweed, and pondering the use of the Manual setting on my camera, which I have only just attempted to start to use (great improvement in the colour of skies, and also I have a twinkling of an idea now, after some good instruction, of the first rudiments of how an image is created); when I was aware of a rustling sound, and when I looked down there was this small squirrel just standing a few feet away looking at me.  What a pretty tail. What lovely russet legs.  I think it must have been quite young, to be intrigued rather than afraid of me.  I quietly turned the camera on to Auto and took some pictures. There are red squirrels in these parts, if not these woods, so the grey is abhorred; but I don’t abhor it at all. I was happy to be looked at in such a quizzical way at such close quarters, for a few moments, rather than seeing a distant blur. How lovely not be be instantly run away from. In the second picture it looks as if the squirrel is skateboarding.




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