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Small Hill


I was tempted to entitle this blog entry: “There is Green Hill Far Away”, but this small hill isn’t far away, and although at this season it is green, later in the year I have known it the colour of sand.  It’s hump is always appearing on the horizon, seen from different points-of-view. This July it looks very integrated – all that green, and the little tuft of trees on the top.

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Three Ducklings and a Stone

three ducklings

After the heavy rain, I saw a duck on the Tweed, flying from bank to bank, crying out in obvious distress. Perhaps her ducklings had gone missing.  Apparently herons can take them, though I suppose turbulent water might do it, or at least sweep them away.  But these three have survived fine, and are feeding on the weir just below Coldstream Bridge, which is just damp now as the water levels have gone right down. People and ducks walk along the weir, the herons stand at the end, looking into the water that swirls round the edge; and the other day I saw a solitary hooded crow, waddling about just beneath the Marriage House (eastern equivalent, in the old days, of Gretna Green), looking a tad out of place.

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