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An Encounter



I was standing on the wooded path on the English side of the Tweed, looking over fields towards Cornhill on Tweed, and pondering the use of the Manual setting on my camera, which I have only just attempted to start to use (great improvement in the colour of skies, and also I have a twinkling of an idea now, after some good instruction, of the first rudiments of how an image is created); when I was aware of a rustling sound, and when I looked down there was this small squirrel just standing a few feet away looking at me.  What a pretty tail. What lovely russet legs.  I think it must have been quite young, to be intrigued rather than afraid of me.  I quietly turned the camera on to Auto and took some pictures. There are red squirrels in these parts, if not these woods, so the grey is abhorred; but I don’t abhor it at all. I was happy to be looked at in such a quizzical way at such close quarters, for a few moments, rather than seeing a distant blur. How lovely not be be instantly run away from. In the second picture it looks as if the squirrel is skateboarding.




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  1. Terrific shot… 🙂

    Babu, Suresh


    Comment by Babu Suresh | July 2, 2014 | Reply

    • Thanks, Babu. I felt honoured to be given such close attention and such a close range, usually all one sees, in the country anyway, is a distant scurry and the whisk of a tail. In town the squirrels can be much bolder.


      Comment by Cara Lockhart Smith | July 9, 2014 | Reply

      • The pleasure is mine and you are most welcome, as always, Cara. 🙂

        Have a pleasant day.

        Babu, Suresh


        Comment by Babu Suresh | July 9, 2014

  2. Such fun to see how close you were, he was rather curious!


    Comment by Mary | July 2, 2014 | Reply

    • Yes, he was, Mary. I found him(?)looking at me so intently rather touching, amazing that I was able to switch the camera on to the setting I wanted and turn it towards him without him running off. Even when he did go into the undergrowth it was in quite a leisurely fashion, so I don’t think he found me too intimidating.


      Comment by Cara Lockhart Smith | July 9, 2014 | Reply

  3. Cara, love your new model agency along the tweed, I’ll give you a call when one is needed 🙂


    Comment by doronart | July 11, 2014 | Reply

    • Yes, one cool squirrel, very pretty tail, perhaps it was quite young. I felt blessed not to be fled from! x


      Comment by Cara Lockhart Smith | July 12, 2014 | Reply

      • Cara you go where other would not! nothing will make you fled anywhere…. beside we are all stand by you ans supporting you…XXX 🙂


        Comment by doronart | July 17, 2014

  4. […] is one of Cara’s best posts with some amazing shots of a lovely Squirrel. Continue […]


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