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The First Rhododendron in Dundock Wood



The rhododendrons in Dundock Wood on the Hirsel Estate are famous. I was not expecting to see any of them out this early in the year, but then just as I was coming near the end of the wood I saw this rhodododendron in flower, and there were even insects exploring some of the blooms. Since having the camera I kind of go hunting for signs of the Spring, and here is a pretty example. Really frou-frou, in the best possible way. Lovely to think of these plants blossoming all over the world. Didn’t see a soul in the wood, which I have to admit had some pretty hefty mud along the paths.  But then to come across this flower was such a pleasure.





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Three Views of a Tree


Saw this tree when walking through woods in the Hirsel, its bark marked like the pelt of an animal from somewhere else. What is the name of this tree?

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