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Walking Home Through The Daffodil Wood

Walking Through the Daffodil Wood

A beautiful day, but this man and his dog were the only people I met in the wood, which in Spring is full of wild daffodils and blackbirds and these grey-trunked trees.

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Rooks and Nests

Rook Wood

This wood, that lines the Tweed from Lennel up to Lennel Cemetary, is quiet in the winter, but then in Spring the rooks take over, cawing endless, wheeling about the trees then settling in the top-most branches.  The nests are there, like growths in the trees, all the year round. Birds seem to make more noise on fine days. I found it hard to capture the rooks in flight together with the nests, but got a clearer image of two of them at the top of this battered-looking tree:

rooks and tree

Strange how different species of crow behave so differently.  The rooks do stay together in big colonies.  Crows are more solitary, though you do see them sharing road kill.  I was pleased yesterday to have two jackdaws feeing on the bird table, though they flew off quick when they saw me peering at them between the leaves. In an old house I once lived in the jackdaws would nest in the chimneys.  Every now and then a jackdaw fell in, and would descend, scrabble by scabble, till it appeared, blinking, filthy, in the fireplace.  One jackdaw started flying round the room early in the morning.  We had pale cord curtains, and big sooty prints of jackdaw wings were imprinted on the material as it flew round in a panic at being enclosed.

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