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Windy Sky

Wind in Trees

The winds that hit North Wales at 108mph and knocked over walkers in Manchester streets, hit the Borders yesterday, somewhat reduced in ferocity, but still strong enough to prevent me being able to walk by the river on open ground.  I took off my possum hat and put it in my pocket, because it came from New Zealand and I am fond of it and didn’t want it blowing into the Tweed.  Instead of walking my usual path, I turned back. Warily watching the trees and listening for creaking, I took a short route home.  Little birds were being blown hither and thither, and even blackbirds were being blown sideways by the wind.  Little bursts of leaves whirled up from the ground like larks do Victorian novels and still do on Alderney,  but then fell back. At the same time the landscape remained calm, though clouds were being blown fast against the blue.  The word “scudding” came to mind.



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