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Lamplight 2

Lamplight 2

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  1. My favorite of the three – really like the effects of the warm golden soft glow.


    Comment by Mary | January 30, 2014 | Reply

    • Thanks, Mary, it is good to hear from you. The white circle at the top is the church clock. I went up this alley in the evening a week ago and decided to come back when next it rained to take some pictures of the wet cobbles under the lamplight. One never knows how these photographs are going to come out, the light does funny things to the lens, which I quite like. It is very grey at the moment during the day, so I didn’t take my camera out today – saw from afar a fire lit in a small wood, all by itself, was so intrigued watching the smoke and the flicker of flames I tripped over and fell into the mud by the river. nowt hurt but my dignity. When I climbed up the bank into the wood and reached the fire I could see that it had been carefully made, with its lit core surrounded by intertwined conifers, which were also alight, but obviously containing the fire. Everything round here was sodden except for this patch of smoke and flame…..


      Comment by Cara Lockhart Smith | January 30, 2014 | Reply

      • Oh my Cara what a story! So glad to read that you weren’t hurt, too bad you didn’t have a camera I’m thinking it would have been a great shot!


        Comment by Mary | January 31, 2014

      • Hi, Mary. Thanks for that – not hurt at all, just felt a fool – also it did occur to me that I was quite glad I didn’t have the camera at that moment as I might have damaged it. But it is strange that whenever I go out without a camera, there is some slightly unusual thing that I wish I had captured.


        Comment by Cara Lockhart Smith | January 31, 2014

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