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Puddle and Leaves 2


There are leaves at the bottom of the puddle, and leaves floating on the surface, and the reflections of the silver birches.  The bright blue sky and its clouds have turned a purple tinged  deep blue in the reflection against which the orange-yellow of the specked leaves and the pale backs of the leaves shine out The silver birches on the other side of the road are reflected beneath the surface leaves. The shapes are like sycamore leaves but very small, perhaps they are maples – my books about trees are out in the Tardis, and the night is wet and cold. The tree with the dark reflection has shed them and the puddle has picked them up. Aha, I think I see a sycamore key in the puddle!

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Puddle and Leaves1


Have to try and capture any fine weather this October, as it has been raining and raining; but when it stops, the world looks rinsed. Walking back from the Hirsel I liked the fallen leaves of the silver birches above the reflection of the trees, and chased these images in puddles all along the road, when enough light was shining on the water to give the feeling of depth in these few centimetres of muddy water.

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