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October Puddle

October puddle

Out walking, negotiating the mud (it has been raining non-stop for hour, only stopping briefly this afternoon) I ignored the state of my boots for a moment and looked into the reflection of the murky water, and thought that even puddles can look pretty at times.

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Looking for Colour on a Grey Day


I went out walking for more or less the first time for a week, and when the rain came down on my uncovered head, thoughts of Victorian gentlemen getting lethal chills from venturing out when unwell passed swiftly through my mind.  No-one was out, except for a  plethora of fishermen, thigh-deep in Tweed or packed into little boats, hunched against the drizzle:, and some dog walkers. (One dog walker quickly slipped a lead on her dog as I approached, then said: “Are you with dog?” and when I answered in the negative, took off the lead again.  About two minutes later I met two very large black dogs coming hot-foot after the dog who had to be protected from itself, so hope there was no fracas in my wake.) When I pointed my camera to the sky the flash came on;  I took a picture of some wheeling birds that was just a mass of grey with flecks on.  And pictures of swans had rain-pools on the lens.  So on this brief foray into the open air I sought out some  splashes of colour.  I didn’t like nasturtiums when I was young, but now think they are a delight. When I got home I dried my hair with the hair-dryer and thought how much more fortunate I was than a Victorian gentleman with chill.

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