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Gold Leaf I


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Silver Birch, Sailor’s Washing Line, September Sky

birch, washing line, sky

Clouds are scattered across the sky, the silver birch is silhouetted against the sun, and here is the washing line that earlier in the day is rigged so that the laundry swings high over the vegetable garden. The skies are  tending towards the spectacular, as the autumn approaches. This was late afternoon, the whole sky was in every direction was covered with these clouds. When the sheets are hauled high  they crack in the wind; but none of them has escaped to England so far.



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Tony’s Garden: An Unusual Hydrangea


This is just the prettiest thing, that’s why I took its portrait. The pink blush is its latest delicate flourish. It grows in a pot on the decking, near the pond. Nearly all the wild flowers have gone, or gone to seed, but the hydrangeas still flourish in the September air, with its chill and threat of damp upon it, even on fine days.

The word: HYDRANGEA: 1743, coined in Modern Latin by Linnaeus, derived from the Greek “hydor”  meaning water,  and “anggeion”, meaning vessel or capsule, named for the shrub’s cup-shaped seedpods.

Hortensie, Ortensia, Hortensia.

There are other etymological definitions on the internet, and other translations. It makes on realise how debateable, or at least variable, explanations can be.

More hydrangeas are in the garden. The colours change, from the soil, from the age. Delectable flowers. But this is my favourite.

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Tony’s Garden: Shells, Glass and Mint


A corner of the garden, near the pond. I washed these shells and placed them back on the decking.They are part of the pond environment, together with the plastic alligator, the ducks that have lost their heads when tons of snow fell off the roof on top of them, and the iris and waterlilies. Once the pond was deeper, and had fish in it, but it took about an hour for one of the herons to dispense with the fish. There are many acers round the pond, and clematis climbing every which way; and overhead the lead swan which comes from a Sussex house from long ago. The mint has grown so thick now, if I want to see the waterlilies I have to push past the mint, and can smell it in the autumn air.

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The Midnight Hare


These are preliminary drawings for a picture book, about a brown hare and a character called the Midnight Hare. This is the brown hare, The drawings are done in charcoal mostly, which has come out a nice brown colour because of the way it has been scanned. I used other people’s photographs for the details, though always change things around, because I don’t like copying direct from photographs. I have seen hares up in Oxenrig but they are too far off or too quick away for me to photograph with my own camera.

I did a drawing of the big white hare who comes at midnight, and because he was so pale I scribbled in some background colour with coloured pencils.  I have been trying to find a technique to illustrate this book, as my usual use of watercolour and ink didn’t work out.  Maybe I should try these coloured pencils.  I seem to have a lot of them, though I never use them.  I also seem to have a book about coloured pencil techniques, though I cannot remember buying it or owning it.  Is something somewhere trying to tell me something?


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Tony’s Pond: Water Lily


The water lily opened,  on this cold, blustery,  overcast September day.

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Tony’s Pond: Waterlily Bud

tony's pond

After the flaxen river grass and the brown of the ploughed earth and the ochre-gold of the hay bales and the white and black of the crows and the gulls following in the wake of the machines, this is  a small wet area of Green. The weather has turned cold, so we are hoping for the best for this late lily.

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